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"Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly coating solution offering superior performance for applications which
require maximum abrasion resistance and hardness. Automobiles, major appliances, tool boxes, motorcycle frames,
heavy duty equipment, computer chassis, office furniture, car parts and barbeques all benefit from the unique
properties and cost efficiency of powder coatings.  PPG’s outstanding range of powder coating technologies provide
answers to just about any application challenge.

All PPG powder coating formulas are economical and backed by unmatched experience, technology and technical
service. PPG is committed to developing world-class quality and environmentally friendly products."

Featured Powder Coatings Products

PPG Commercial Performance Coatings (CPC)
"When it comes to selecting a coatings system for diverse manufacturing applications, you can depend on PPG
Commercial Performance Coatings to offer the right combination of products and technologies that meet your specific
application and productivity requirements. As a world-leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with extensive global
resources in research and development, PPG is uniquely capable of offering a full breadth of coating technologies—
from economical alkyds and epoxies to the latest high-performance, low-VOC urethanes, powder coatings and other
proprietary technologies."

Wide choice of topcoat and primer technologies
Compliance coatings available
Computerized custom color matching
Consistent batch-to-batch quality
User-friendly applications
Full-service support from local distributor
Fast turnaround on orders
Large and small batch quantities available
Production line evaluations
Spray equipment recommendations
powder coating
We can help you choose the right product and application for any job!

"A multi-purpose epoxy used for Industrial structural steel, machinery, piping, tank exteriors. It adheres strongly to
bare steel, coated steel and inorganic zinc silicate primed surfaces on new construction, repair and field maintenance
Commercial Performace Coatings
ppg amercoat
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